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WTL 2019 Luncheon Reservation Form (Patricia Lombard   Apr 9)

If you prefer to mail in your luncheon reservations, please click here to find the 2019 luncheon reservation form. 

Checks should be made payable to WESTSIDE TENNIS LEAGUE 

Mail to: BARBARA GARNER 5429 Ethel Avenue Sherman Oaks, CA 91401 


WTL 2019 Luncheon is Supporting Operation Blankets of Love (Patricia Lombard   Apr 7)

As part of our annual WTL Awards Luncheon, we support a very worthy charity. This year we have chosen Operation Blankets of Love.

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) is a local charity that aims to eliminate animal homelessness and euthanasia. They donate pet food and comfort items to shelters, rescue groups, pets of the homeless, animal transporters, foster caretakers, wildlife sanctuaries, including during natural disasters. They donate pet food and supplies to homeless and low-income pet owners including veterans, the disabled, families and seniors. 

We invite you to make a cash donation at https://www.obol.info/donate/.

All donations are voluntary, but we suggest that each team contribute a total of $100.

Please be sure to indicate Westside Tennis League under “How did you hear about us?”

We are also collecting blankets, food and toys for cats and dogs at the luncheon. We hope you will support OBOL in any way you can.



How to Change Your Roster (Patricia Lombard   Nov 1)

Click the link below to find the document on how to edit your roster. 


All roster changes may be made starting Thursday, November 1 at 8 am and must be completed by Saturday, November 3 at 8 pm. New rosters can be use the following Monday, November 5.

Please feel free to contact one of the board members if you have any questions. For technical questions, you can call Patty Lombard at 323-314-2266. 

How to Use the Scorecard (Patricia Lombard   Nov 1)

Click here to read a short pdf on how to use the scorecard feature on the website. 


Thought for the Day (Barbara Garner   Apr 9)


Winners are good losers.   

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Latest News

Match Days for 2019-2020

In 2015 the league voted to rotate match days among the five divisions in the league.

Here’s the match days for the 2019-2020 Season:

Division 1 will play on Monday
Division 2 will play on Friday
Division 3 will play on Tuesday
Division 4 will play on Thursday
Division 5 will play on Wednesday

In 2015, the captains approved the following formula for the annual rotation of playing days among the divisions as the most fair and equitable way to rotate.

Approved Formula:
Teams who now play on Monday move to Wednesday for the following year.
Teams who now play on Tuesday move to Thursday for the following year.
Teams who now play on Wednesday move to Friday for the following year.
Teams who now play on Thursday move to Monday for the following year.
Teams who now play on Friday move to Tuesday for the following year.

Team Points Weeks
Beverly Hills Tennis Center 0 0/0
Cheviot Hills Rec Center 0 0/0
Griffin Club Los Angeles 0 0/0
Los Angeles Tennis Club 0 0/0
Marina City Club 0 0/0
Mountaingate 0 0/0
Pacific Palisades l 0 0/0
Pacific Palisades ll 0 0/0
Weddington 0 0/0
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