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AGC Meeting - 3/26/18

AGC Meeting - May 26, 2018
Griffin Club

AGC Reps in attendance: AGC Chair – Jill Koenig
Balboa – Emily Kreshek
Bel-Air – Bridget Batkin
BHTC – Stephanie Russell
Brentwood – Tani Isaacs
Griffin Club – Debra Holstein
Hillcrest – Laura Weiss
LATC – Beverly Gatica
Malibu – Erin Golan
Marina – Hillary Bibikoff
Mountaingate – Leslie Wright
Mulholland – Claire Willenson
Palisades – Allison Massey
Pepperdine – Jodi Stein
Playa Vista – Stephanie Meyer
Rancho – Rita Gardner
Riviera – Rita Wagner/CC Pulitzer
Stoner – Eileen Sheinek
Westwood – Sue Moore

WTL Board Members: President – Patricia Lombard
Ginger Perkins – Ex-officio
Secretary/Treasurer – Barbara Garner

Jill Koenig called the meeting to order at 11:45 p.m. Each of the committee members introduced themselves and named the club that they represented. Items discussed were as follows.

I. Division 5 Stacking Grievance – Griffin II vs. Stoner Park

Cecelia Victor and Karen Timberlake (Griffin Club captains) presented their grievance against Stoner Park stating that Stoner did not follow WTL rules regarding stacking based on the following:

1. Stoner played a line 1 with a line 2 player in the Line 1 position while playing two line 1 players in the Line 2 position.

2. Stoner did not discuss with the Griffin captains their reasons for playing their lines as they did before or after the roster exchange.

Evelyn Wiles (Stoner Captain) presented her reasoning for listing her players in the order
she did it based on the previous stats of the players involved. Evelyn felt she played her lines within the scope of WTL rules.

Each captain answered questions that were asked of them by members of the committee
and then they left the room. Afterwards there was a long discussion by the committee and a vote was taken to determine if stacking did occur. 13 captains voted against Stoner, while 5 captains voted in favor of Stoner. Based on this vote, Stoner will receive a penalty point for the use of an ineligible player and the win on Line 2 will go to Griffin II.

II. D3 Roster Issue – D3 Mountaingate vs. Griffin Club

Mountaingate D3 played a sub up player in the line 2 position against Griffin Club II on February 7. Griffin lost that line. After the match was played, the Mountaingate captain notifed the Board that her roster was incorrect and was forced to play a sub up player in line 2 so as to not violate the rule. The player (Noushin Morsehd) should have been listed as a D4 Line 1 player subbing up to D3. However, the captain played her in line 2 because she knew that a line 1 could not play line 3. Upon further investigation by the board, it turned out the sub up arrow was correct for this player in the January 10th match (which was after the roster change), but was missing at the time of the February 7 match.

The Board was unable to determine how this error on the roster occurred, and after checking with our webmaster, there was no evidence of anyone having made this change. As a result, the Board was reluctant to overturn the match and assign a penalty to Mountaingate. Instead, with Mountaingate’s approval, the player was moved off the D4 roster making the line up for the match correct. However, Griffin Club objected, asking the board to reconsider and apply the penalty since the rule that restricts sub up players to only play in line 3 of the higher division was violated, noting that since Noushin Morshed had played two matches earlier in the year as a line 1 sub on the D4 team, either those matches were invalid or the D3 match was invalid, because both could not stand.

In seeking a solution, the board asked the AGC for advice on how to resolve this situation. The committee was asked to vote on the following:

1. Do nothing and let the match stand as played, or

2. Assess 1 penalty point but not apply a second penalty point for use of an
ineligible player.

The committee voted 10 in favor of letting the match stand as played, and 7 in favor of applying a penalty point to Mountaingate. Therefore no penalties were applied.

III. Review draft of Rule and Structure revisions to alleviate redundancy. Addition of
Order of Strength language. This is a work in progress and the board is asking you
to review and comment. We will finalize it at the next captains meeting.

The committee members were given copies of the proposed Rule and Structure revisions and were asked to discuss them with the captains of their respective clubs concentrating on the following:

1. The possibility of making a hard and fast rule regarding the order of strength using the descending numbering system, or

2. Eliminate the order of strength rule entirely.

3. Use of the Coman Tiebreaker instead of the Standard Tiebreaker we are using now.

IV. A sub-committee regarding how to word the Order of Strength section was formed
and is comprised of the following league members:

1. Emily Kreshek – D1 Balboa
2. Stephanie Meyer – D2 Playa Vista
3. CC Pulitzer – D3 Riviera CC
4. Hillary Bibikoff – D5 Marina City
Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Garner, Secretary

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