Westside Tennis League
WTL Structure



1. The Westside Tennis League is a group of tennis clubs dedicated to providing competitive team tennis in a sportsmanlike setting.  The goals of the League are as follows:

  • To create and maintain a friendly and competitive game of tennis.
  • To be inclusive of players from private and public facilities.
  • To promote opportunities for players to meet other players outside their own organization and foster new tennis friendships.
  • League members will volunteer their time to maintain the operation and goals of the league.
  • The League is divided into five divisions:  Division 1 (4.0 to 5.0*), Division 2 (3.5 to 4.0), Division 3 (3.5 to 4.0), Division 4 (3.5), and Division 5 (3.0 to 3.5).  Each team consists of three to four women’s doubles positions ranked one through three with one being the strongest position.   Clubs may field more than one team in each division providing they have enough substitutes, sufficient courts and there is space available in the division.  The optimum number of teams in each division is 12.   Additional teams may be added at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  • When a club has three or more teams scheduled to play on the same day, the club must agree to provide six courts whenever two home matches are scheduled for the same day.   Teams may use an alternative court location with the permission of the Executive Board.
  • Should the need arise, the Executive Board has the discretion to limit the number of teams a club may field at each level, considering foremost the ability of players and secondarily, the diversity of clubs at that level.


2. June 20th is the deadline by which each existing team must notify the League

President of the team’s intent to participate in the League and the division in which they will compete.   An existing team returning in the same division must apply as a renewing team.  A team that is returning in a different division must apply as a new team.   An annual fee of $150.00 per team should accompany the “Intent to Play”.  Failure to adhere to the deadline may affect the team’s position for a spot in the League and may result in the loss of participation in the league.


3. New clubs wishing to join the Westside Tennis League must submit an application as a new team as early as possible and by June 20th.  The full Executive Board will examine the application to consider the club’s entry.  A roster of proposed team members and the $150.00 dues must accompany the application.  The dues are refundable if the application is denied.  However, the dues are not refundable if a team withdraws from the league after August 1st.   If accepted, the new captain and co-captain of a new team must attend the Fall Captains’ Meeting.


4. The Westside Tennis League season begins in September and ends in late May with an awards luncheon in late May or early June.  A club will play each team in their division twice (unless a flight system is implemented or the division is small enough for three rounds) serving as host for one match and playing away for the other.    In the event of a three round schedule, some teams should be aware that they may have two away matches with only one home match.  The number of matches played will depend on the number of teams in each division and may vary from one year to the next.  Calendar allowing, matches will be scheduled as follows for 2018-2019.


  • Division 1 plays on Thursday
  • Division 2 plays on Wednesday
  • Division 3 plays Friday
  • Division 4 plays on Tuesday
  • Division 5 plays on Monday


The play day for each division will change from year to year based on the following formula:


Mondays will move to Wednesday

Tuesdays will move to Thursday

Wednesdays will move to Friday

Thursdays will move to Monday

Fridays will move to Tuesday


5. The Westside League is a voluntary organization and it is essential that each club share in the responsibility of running the League.   Clubs are encouraged to share the responsibility of serving on the Executive Board and being the appointed League Statistician.  In addition to the above requirement, each club will also provide one representative to the Advisory/Grievance Committee and another representative to the Awards Luncheon Committee.   Lack of club participation on either committee, after sufficient notice by the Board and Luncheon Chairwoman to the representative and to all club team captains will result in a point penalty for each team from that club.  The outgoing Luncheon and AGC representatives should work with their club captains to assign a new Luncheon and AGC representative for their club.  The name of the representative must be communicated to the Luncheon and AGC Chair by the Fall Captains’ Meeting.


6. The Executive Board of the Westside Tennis League is comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Advisory/Grievance Committee Chairman, and past President (Ex-Officio).  Officers are elected at the Spring Captains’ Meetings for a two-year term.  The President and Secretary/Treasurer will be elected in even years and the Advisory/Grievance Chair and Vice President will be elected in odd years.  Nominations for Executive Board positions should be submitted to the President via email at president@westsidetennisleague.com during the months of February and March prior to the election at the Spring Captains’ Meeting.  In the event that someone resigns from the Executive Board, the President will appoint a member of the Westside Tennis League to finish the existing term.  If the President resigns, then the Vice President will fulfill the President’s term and a new Vice President will be appointed.  The outgoing President will serve as Ex-Officio.  If she is unavailable, the Board shall appoint another past officer to the Ex-Officio position.  The Executive Board will meet as often as necessary but at least once prior to the Fall and Spring Captains’ meetings to ensure smooth communication with all clubs.


* President’s responsibilities:  Chairs Westside Tennis League; heads the spring and fall captains’ meetings; attends Advisory/Grievance Committee meetings; conducts Executive Board meetings as necessary; collates all information which is passed out to the captains; supervises the League Statistician; and presents the trophies for each division at the spring awards luncheon.  The President will notify team captains as soon as possible and before the Intent to Play forms are due if any person or teams must be moved up or down to the next level according to percentage rule guidelines or for other reasons.


* Vice President:  Oversees the May/June Awards Banquet and Chairperson (selects decorations, trophies, program, entertainment, invitations and menu and sends invitations to all WTL players; performs the duties of the President in her absence; attends Advisory/Grievance Committee meetings and Executive Board meetings.


*  Secretary/Treasurer:  Attends the Captains’, AGC, and Board meetings to record notes and provide the minutes; helps the President collate the captains’ materials; collects dues and banquet reservations; generates RSVP data for the Awards Luncheon Committee; takes care of finances and writes checks; and generates a season ending finance report that will be distributed at the Fall Captains Meeting.


* Advisory/Grievance Chair:  responds to questions, concerns, complaints and grievances; notifies Grievance Committee members when a meeting is necessary, sends a proposed agenda to Advisory/Grievance representatives at least two weeks prior to the meeting so that the representatives can obtain feedback from their club prior to the meeting and leads that discussion; helps to revise and enforce League rules; and communicates to the captains directly or via the League Statistician or Grievance Committee members, any rule changes and/or grievance decisions.


* Ex-Officio:   orients the incoming President and AGC Chair; helps the Statistician with the schedule of matches; provides a continuum of administration, and provides input regarding Board decisions.


* The Executive Board is responsible for enforcing all league rules and can apply penalties or warnings when applicable.


7. The League Statistician:  is an appointed position.  The League Statistician will generate the schedule of matches for all divisions, maintain statistics on each line player and substitute in conjunction with the records posted on the WTL website.  She will retain League statistic records from year to year, including team standings and individual statistics.   She will also provide the Board with the year-end statistics of all players prior to the Awards Luncheon Banquet.  In addition, the League Statistician will follow up on any unlisted substitutes, illegal line positions or any other irregularities.  If stacking is noted, she should contact the captain involved to acquire an explanation of her line-up for informational purposes and review in case a stacking complaint is filed.  Stacking complaints can only be initiated by a captain to the Advisory Chair.   If no stacking complaint is in fact filed, the informational request will be purged at the end of the season.


8. Awards Banquet Committee:  This committee is responsible for planning the May/June luncheon, selecting trophies, compiling and sending out email notifications regarding the luncheon, designing the invitations, decorations, entertainment, program, etc.  The committee is chaired by the Chairperson (either the VP or someone appointed by the VP and approved by the Board), is overseen by the Vice President and consists of a representative from each club (also see Budget below).


9. Advisory/Grievance Committee:  This committee is comprised of one representative from each club.  Each club has one vote regardless of the number of teams or divisions a club fields.  Members of this committee are the liaisons between the League and all the captains of every Westside League team at their club.  The committee’s function is to discuss and advise on issues and rule changes and hear unresolved grievances.  The AGC may access penalties when necessary.  Representatives should meet with the captains in their clubs before Advisory meetings to discuss any upcoming issues or concerns that the captains would like to have brought up.  They shall contact the captains after Advisory meetings to disseminate information and actions of the meetings.  It is then the captains’ responsibility to convey these particulars to their individual team members.  Representatives must be active members of the League.   The Committee will meet as often as necessary and at least once prior to the spring captains’ meeting to make any changes for the coming year.  The AGC is headed by the Advisory/Grievance Chairman.


10. Captains:  A Captain and/or Co-Captain will be chosen by each team.  They must be active members and not a coach.  The captains must know the Westside League rules and provide information and rules to all team members.  They will act as the liaison between the Statistician, the Executive Board, their club’s Advisory/Grievance Committee representative and their team players.  They will perform all duties described in the Westside League Rules.  Captains vote on Rules or Structure changes proposed by the Executive Board and AGC at their meetings.  


11. Meetings and Award Luncheon:  There will be a mandatory Captains’ meeting in early September and in the early spring.


Fall Captains’ Meeting:  information about League schedules and 

Rules will be provided at this meeting.  Prior to this date all rosters will have been submitted and will appear on the website.  At this meeting, all clubs will submit their representatives for the Luncheon and AGC.


Spring Captains’ Meeting:  provides for the election of officers, disbursement of League information and voting on any rule changes or revisions that the AGC has recommended. 


Awards Luncheon:  All Westside Tennis League members and substitutes are invited to attend the end-of-year luncheon that is held in late May or early June.  Trophies will be awarded by the League President.  Captains and all committee members will be acknowledged for their help in actively administering the Westside League.  The incoming board will be introduced at the Awards Banquet.


12. The WTL has always strived to protect the personal contact information of its members.  The use of their email addresses or phone numbers found in the website for purposes other than the league is strictly prohibited.


13. If a grievance issue involves the team of either the Advisory/Grievance Chair or President, the grievance will be referred to the Vice President, or the Secretary/Treasurer.


14. The Advisory/Grievance Chair will chair the meeting.  Executive Board members may attend and speak but are not allowed to vote unless they are serving as their club’s representative to the committee.


15. Rule Changes:  Captains vote on all Rules and Structure changes.  A simple majority must be present for a quorum.  A simple majority of those present is needed to pass a rule.  Captains may send another person from their team to vote in their absence.  There is one vote per person – a voter must be present.  Either the AGC or the Executive Board may discuss issues and propose changes of the Rules and Structure.  Any player can ask that their AGC representative discuss issues at the AGC meting or present it to the Board for discussion.  In some situations, issues specific to only one division may be determined by that division alone.


16. Budget:  The WTL Executive Board oversees budget decisions.  This includes all income derived from the registration dues, luncheon tickets, vendors, clubs, website, and any future source of revenues that are not specified.  It also includes all expenses incurred by the operation of WTL and the Awards Luncheon and website.  Any cost or revenue that is new or increases from the prior year by more than 10%, or by more than $200.00, requires Board approval.  Any decision that will affect the team or club fee requires AGC consent.  Products and services have to be subject to a comparison pricing review process by the Board and/or Luncheon Committee.  WTL will keep an appropriate balance in the WTL account and all unspent monies will be returned to the WTL account.  The Treasurer specifically oversees all income and expenses, and reports regularly to the Board and annually to the captains.  The VP oversees the Luncheon Committee’s budget and reports regularly to the Board.


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